This Pen for Hire

  • You finally finished the first draft of your novel or short story, but there are nagging questions about continuity, character arcs and handling of backstory. There’s a great story to be shaped from those pages, but how?

  • Your essays have a solid argument and you’ve backed it up with key points, but you feel there’s something, some spark, lacking in the execution. An objective eye would help to make it sparkle, but what is the first step?

  • The website you’ve put together for your business looks great, but the text feels bland and uninviting. A playfulness with words would help draw in customers or clients, but who do you turn to?

  • A screenplay needs tightening; an article needs polishing; that memoir languishing in your desk drawer is all but crying out to be seamlessly put together; you want to begin your first writing project, but you feel paralyzed, staring at the blank page as you frantically wonder…….

Who do you contact?

J.J. Brown at Wordslinger Copy & Edit!

While reading your prose, J.J. Brown can intuitively find the patterns in your work and offer up suggestions to help bring them out.

What People Say

[J.J. Brown] helped me find alternate ways to express the same ideas I had written but more efficiently…..I know first-hand she’s an excellent editor, and I would gladly go to her again for more editing on my manuscripts.

Eric McGowan,
Ventura, CA

[J.J. Brown] did a wonderful job making sure to maintain the integrity of my voice and style. Highly recommend!

Malory Taylor,
Ojai Lingerie,
Ojai, CA

Molding clay is easy and fun for me, writing content for my website is not. But with her patience, follow-up questions and ease with words, J.J. Brown created my biography, a brief history of my pottery and anecdotes of my farm. Highly recommend her – she’s reliable, engaging, and fun to work with. Totally worth the investment!

Tammie Allante,
Honu Pottery,
Lipa, Philippines

Let’s clarify your Voice one word at a time…..together!