Who is this Wordslinger, Anyway?

My name is J.J. Brown and my goal at Wordslinger Copy & Edit is to take you on an epic quest.
However, instead of being the sidekick, YOU are the Hero. I am the wizard (of sorts) who will guide you along the way, through doubt and angst and excitement and great joy of little discoveries along the way. And then (drum-roll) the grand discovery of that rare and most magnificent jewel.
And the treasure you will be unearthing isn’t a physical object.
That wonderfully magical artifact is unique to you and can only be found within – your Voice. Just as an archaeologist patiently excavates ancient bones or bits of pottery, you will be doing the same. Except, instead of a chisel and hammer, you will be taking up a pen and a blank page and excavating with words.
As your guide on this adventure, I’m offering a safe haven for you to express any questions, thoughts or reservations. In the creative world, there are no wrong answers or choices – it leads you exactly to where you need to be. Through blog posts, books and workshops on my Patreon page, I want to create a world of speaking one’s truth without fear.
Whether it’s in written form or in front of an audience, personal or public, when you are connected to your Truth, your Voice carries power.
I’m always up for an adventure. Would you care to join me?

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I specialize in the following categories:

  • Manuscripts (80,000-100,000 words)
  • Short Stories (25,000-40,000 words)
  • Non-Fiction/Essays
  • Web Content

IACET Cert. # F439213127187

For a free thirty minute consultation, contact: wordslingercopy@hotmail.com