Client Testimonials

“J.J. Brown has helped edit several pieces for me and for my business. She did a wonderful job making sure to maintain the integrity of my voice and style. She is easy to work with, reliable, professional and has a quick turnaround. I highly recommend her for any editing services.”

Malory Taylor, owner
Ojai Lingerie
Ojai, CA


“As a writer myself, I asked J.J. if she’d be willing to look over a chapter for a book I’ve been writing, and she was more than happy to do so.  Within just a few days we got together to go over the pages I sent her and I couldn’t have been more happy with how it went.  J.J. is very polite and professional; she didn’t just tell me to change this or that. Instead she helped me find alternate ways to express the same ideas I had written but more efficiently; if I was struggling with a concept she would help me brainstorm new ideas until I was unstuck.   I honestly cannot say enough good things about J.J.’s help.  I know first-hand she’s an excellent editor, and I would gladly go to her again for more editing on my manuscripts.”

Eric McGowan, writer
Ventura, CA

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