Before contacting me, please read the following Q&As.  If you still have questions, by all means, email me at the address found at the bottom of the page.  I’ll give the best answers I can.

Q. What kind of editing services do you offer?
A. I provide an overview of the work and notes for a complete or partial manuscript. The notes will be inserted into the manuscript itself. Preparing a separate document of the notes will be an additional $100.

Q. How long will it take for you to edit my manuscript?
A. It will depend on how much work is needed for each individual manuscript, but the average amount of time is ninety (90) hours.

Q. What if I can’t pay for the full ninety hours? Do you have a minimum number of hours or editing packages?

A. My minimum number of hours is five (5). I do have editing packages, which can be found on the Rates page. Having been there myself, I am always willing to work out a plan with a writer on a budget.

Q. How do I submit my complete/partial manuscript?
A. Submission of the manuscript is by email (listed below). At the moment, I prefer electronic submission. I will then read your work, critique and/or edit. The format should be in Word, please.

Q. Do you mentor writers? Is this part of your editing service?
A. Yes, however, it will be specific to email contact only. If you have questions regarding plot/story in general or about notes I have made on your work, we can discuss it via email. If it’s not related to a specific project that you had hired me for, I will keep a log to track our time. When it hits the allotted time we agreed to, I will send you an invoice.


Have more questions?

Contact: wordslingercopy@hotmail.com


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